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We pride ourselves on doing excellent work, providing excellent service, and offering competitive pricing. Budget Tree Service even offers a 10% discount for seniors and veterans. These aspects are the cornerstone of our business and guide us in the way we assist clients and work with them. Our company is insured and certified to ensure that when we offer a service, we offer the best service available.

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Tree Trimming

Trees that are left to grow can become an eyesore, or worse, can become dangerous to those on the property as well as the property itself. Our experts can help ensure the safety of those on your property, neighboring properties and your property with our professional tree trimming services.

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Pruning trees has many benefits for property owners. From beautification to risk management, pruning trees protects trees from becoming hazards, ensures that they remain neat and tidy, and increases their longevity.

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Stump Removal

Something not often thought of when having a tree removed is the stump that is left behind. While stump removal is generally a service offered by most tree services companies, it is not provided as part of a tree removal service. This means that stump removal should be considered and planned. Not only does the stump itself detract from the overall beauty of your property, but the area around it can suffer too. A stump left by a fallen or cut-down tree can also become a breeding ground for pests, who will nest in and feed on the dead tree’s stump and root system. Contact Budget Tree Service about our stump removal services offered in Loveland, Fort Collins, Berthoud, Johnstown, and Windsor.

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Tree Removal

From emergency removal to the removal of dead and diseased trees, Budget Tree Service offers expert and insured removal services. Trees that pose a risk to your property or other landscape should be removed immediately by a professional. We are certified to determine whether trees should be removed and practice industry-leading safety protocols to ensure that the work we conduct is carried out safely and to complete satisfaction. Contact us today to assess your tree removal requirements.

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